DYLNK Cast Pro Instruction Manual:

Enabling Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in Your Tesla

Welcome to the next level of driving experience with DYLNK Cast Pro! With our state-of-the-art device, you can effortlessly enable both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in your Tesla. This instruction manual will guide you through the simple setup process to get you started.

Table of Contents
Installation of DYLNK Cast Pro in Your Vehicle
Pairing Your Smartphone via Bluetooth
Connecting to Tesla WiFi Settings
Accessing the DYLNK Interface via Web Browser
Contact Information for Support

Pairing Your Smartphone via Bluetooth

Open the 'Bluetooth Settings' on your smartphone (iOS or Android).
Locate the DYLNK Cast Pro device (tsl...) from the list of available Bluetooth devices.
Select the device to initiate the pairing process.
Note: The WiFi network will only be discoverable after connecting to the DYLNK Cast Pro via Bluetooth.
Connecting to Tesla WiFi Settings

On your Tesla's dashboard, navigate to 'WiFi Settings.'
Scroll through the available networks until you find the DYLNK Cast Pro device (tsl..).
Connect to the DYLNK Cast Pro network using the following PIN: 12345678.
Once connected, ensure to enable the 'Stay Connected in Drive' option for uninterrupted service.
Go to your Tesla browser and enter
A pop-up will prompt you to review the instructions. Please continue pressing 'Next' until the option for CarPlay/Android Auto appears.
Make sure to bookmark/star this webpage for quick and easy future access.
Note: After setting up the device, should you notice that audio playback is occurring through your phone rather than your Tesla, please navigate to the Bluetooth settings on your Tesla's display and ensure your phone is connected.

Screen Mirroring Instructions

Access the Tesla App: Within the CarPlay interface, locate and click on the app with a light blue home icon labeled "Tesla". This action will exit the CarPlay interface.
Choose Screen Mirroring Option: On the new screen, you will see two options on the left and right. Select "AirPlay" on the right side, which should then illuminate in blue, indicating it's active.
Enable AirPlay on Your iPhone:
Swipe down from the top-right corner of your iPhone's screen to access the Control Center.
Tap on "Screen Mirroring" or "AirPlay", depending on your iOS version.
Connect to Your Tesla:
Look for a device named "ZJ AirPlay" in the list and tap on it to connect.
Once connected, your iPhone's screen will be mirrored onto your Tesla's display.
Device Compatibility:
Currently, this feature only supports iPhone devices.
An Android version of this feature is currently in development and will be available soon.

Please Note: The screen mirror function is currently in a beta version. It is being regularly updated to enhance your experience by making it smoother and more reliable.

Troubleshooting and Support

  • Ensure DYLNK Cast Pro is up to date.
  • Connect your smartphone to the DYLNK Cast Pro via Bluetooth (device name starts with "tsl...").
  • Last but not least, please ensure the device is updated for the smoothest user experience.
  • Click on WiFi settings, set the region to USA for optimal functionality, and restart the box.
  • Note: If you encounter an error during the update, it means the device is up to date.

    If you encounter any issues or have questions during the integration process, please refer to the Troubleshooting section.
    For additional assistance, contact our support team at 1-800-681-7597 or

    Thank you for choosing DYLNK!